Table 11

Performance of natural language processing information extraction applications developed to date in the SLaM BRC Case Register

Application nameConstruct soughtNumber of patients testedPrecisionRecallF-statistic
Smoking31Is the patient a current smoker?1000.930.580.72
Clozapine—current use32Is the patient currently using clozapine (within 3 months)?Precision: 279, recall: 2000.960.920.94
Clozapine—ever used32Has the patient used clozapine in the past?Precision: 279, recall: 2000.990.920.95
Diagnosis33What text accompanies a statement about diagnosis?750.990.980.99
MMSE34What MMSE score did the patient attain on a given date?1000.970.980.97
EducationWhat age did a patient leave school?Precision: 100, recall: 1150.950.590.73
Living aloneIs the patient living alone?1000.930.990.96
Amisulpride24Is the patient currently using amisulpride?20 patients with 619 instances0.970.610.75
Flupentixol24Is the patient currently using flupentixol?20 patients with 328 instances0.940.770.85
Haloperidol24Is the patient currently using haloperidol?20 patients with 747 instances0.940.570.71
Olanzapine24Is the patient currently using olanzapine?20 patients with 1150 instances0.950.690.80
Risperidone24Is the patient currently using risperidone?20 patients with 737 instances0.950.640.76
Zuclopenthixol24Is the patient currently using zuclopenthixol?20 patients with 390 instances0.970.680.80
  • MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination; SLaM BRC, South London and Maudsley National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre.