Table 1

Descriptive statistics, derived from the 2011 UK Census, for the four London boroughs served by SLaM, compared with statistics for London and England as a whole

SLaM catchmentComparison statistics
LambethCroydonLewishamSouthwark CombinedLondonEngland
Total population*310 200368 900281 600293 5001 254 2008 308 40053 493 700
Age (%)
Gender (%)
Education† (%)
 No qualifications14.217.617.716.316.517.622.5
 Highest level of qualification; level 1 qualifications8.513.811.19.410.910.713.3
 Highest level of qualification; level 2 qualifications9.815.212.510.212.111.815.2
 Highest level of qualification; apprenticeship1.
 Highest level of qualification; level 3 qualifications9.711.410.810.510.610.512.4
 Highest level of qualification; level 4 qualifications and above46.631.83843.139.537.727.4
 Highest level of qualification; other qualifications10.
Self-assigned ethnicity (%)
 Asian or Asian British6.816.49.39.510.818.47.7
 Black or Black British25.920.227.226.824.713.33.4
Socioeconomic classification (%)‡
 Higher managerial, administrative and professional occupations16.
 Lower managerial, administrative and professional occupations27.324.825.724.825.624.722.8
 Intermediate occupations10.613.712.110.311.810.910.5
 Small employers and own account workers9.712.910.98.810.712.912.8
 Lower supervisory and technical occupations5.
 Semiroutine occupations10.31212.61211.710.913
 Routine occupations9.
 Never worked and long-term unemployed6.95.36.476.36.54.2
 Full-time students3.
 Percentage of people born in UK61.170.466.463.265.585.894.1
 Estimated migration (thousands per year) for the 1 year period ending June 2014§
  • *Resident population estimates by broad age band, mid-2013, using ONS 2011 census.

  • †All usual residents aged over 16 on the census date 27 March 2011.

  • ‡Based on HRP: an individual person within a household to act as a reference point and charactering whole household according to characteristics of the chosen reference person.

  • §Data source: accessed on the 5 November 2015. SLaM catchment and London statistics calculated for the 1 year period ending June 2013 (and the overall catchment statistic does not include within-catchment migration); England figures represent rolling annual data for year ending June 2014.

  • HRP, household reference person; ONS, Office for National Statistics; SLaM, South London and Maudsley.