Table 4

Variables with significant bivariate relation to intention to try e-cigarettes

Categorical independent variablesF (design based)p Value
Hang around street/parkF(1, 3)=46.070.007
Current smokerF(1, 3)=75.980.003
Never smokedF(1, 3)=183.28<0.001
Visit newsagentF(1.04, 3.12)=14.660.03
Visit take-awayF(1.69, 5.07)=8.200.03
Parental smokingF(1, 3)=41.420.008
Best friend smokingF(1, 3)=268.35<0.001
Continuous independent variablesLikelihood ratio χ2ORp Value
Brand recognition
Retail outlet density50.051.40<0.001
Age in year4.031.070.03