Table 1

Topics and items of the questionnaires

TopicsItemsItem structureResponse options
Questionnaire for documenting home visits
 Organisational characteristics of the home visitsDate, starting timeSingle answerDate and time
Duration of the home visit, driving timeSingle answerIn minutes
Person conductingMultiple choiceFP, medical assistants with/without qualification, physician assistants, other
Urgency of the home visitEmergent—very urgent—less urgent—not urgent
Person requesting the home visitSingle answer/checklistFP, patient, ambulant nursing care, neighbour, relatives, hospital, nursing home, police/fire department
 Demographic/social characteristics of the patientAgeOpen-endedYear of birth
GenderSingle answerFemale/male
Assessment of social support: ‘patients seems to get good social support’Likert scale1=absolutely true to 6=not true
Supporting personsMultiple choiceAmbulant nursing care, neighbour, relatives/family, healthcare workers at nursing home, daycare, no social support, others
Domestic circumstancesSingle answer/checklistLiving alone at private home, living with partner or family at private home, assisted living, nursing home
 Disease characteristicsKnown chronic diseasesOpen-ended
Care levelSingle answer/checklistLevel 0 to 3, no or proposed care level, don’t know
 Contents of the home visitReasons and results for encounterOpen-ended
Performed diagnosticsMultiple choiceNo diagnostics, comprehensive or symptom-oriented clinical examination, blood drawing, quick tests, other
Therapeutic decisionMultiple choiceConsultation of patients or relatives or healthcare workers, wound care, vaccination, prescription of medical and non-medical aids, other
DecisionMultiple choiceReferral to specialist or hospital, home visit for re-evaluation, revisit by FP or medical assistant, consultation of ambulant nursing care, certificate of incapacity
Drug administration during home visitOpen-endedKind of substance and application
Questionnaire for FP and their practices
 Demographic/professional characteristics of the FPAgeOpen-endedYear of birth
GenderSingle answerFemale/male
Kind of employmentSingle answer/checklistResident, full-time or part-time employed, other
 Characteristics of the family practiceKind of practiceSingle answer/checklistSingle practice, group practice, medical care centre, other
Number of medical assistants and their advanced qualificationOpen-endedNumber kind of qualification
Community sizeSingle answer/scaleBetween <5000 and >100 000 inhabitants
Number of patients/quarterOpen-endedNumber
Number of home visits/weekOpen-endedNumber
Proportion of patients >65 yearsOpen-endedNumber
Number of nursing home patients/quarterOpen-endedNumber
 Organisational characteristics of the home visitsDelegation of home visits to whomMultiple choiceMedical assistants with or without qualification, physician assistants, nurses, care service, others
Organisational rules (eg, fixed days for home visits, collection of requests, visit after each request)Multiple choiceFixed days between Monday–Sunday, fixed times between morning–evening, for request, determine particular date after collection of daily requests, others
Questionnaire for medical assistants/nurses
 Demographic characteristics of medical assistantAgeOpen-endedYear of birth
GenderSingle answerFemale/male
 Professional characteristics of medical assistantHighest education levelSingle answer/checklistSecondary school to university of applied sciences
Vocational qualificationMultiple choiceMedical assistant, nurse, medical technical assistant, no vocational qualification, other
Advanced/further education; additional qualificationMultiple choiceChronic care manager, advanced primary care assistants VERAH or AGnES, other
Years of professional experienceOpen-endedNumber
YEARS of employment in the current family practiceOpen-endedNumber
Regular working hours/weekOpen-endedNumber
 Characteristics of the family practiceKind of practice/staff compositionSingle answer/checklistSingle practice, group practice, medical care centre, other
Number of patients/quarterOpen-endedNumber
Community sizeSingle answer/scaleBetween <5000 and >100 000 inhabitants
Existing quality managementSingle answer/checklistYes, no, don’t know
Number of team meetings/past 12 monthsOpen-endedNumber
 Characteristics of delegated home visitsThree essential tasks within home visitsOpen-ended
Duration of the home visit in averageOpen-endedIn minutes
  • FP, family physician.