Table 1

Main themes and subthemes with inter-rater reliability

Theme(Cohen’s κ)Description of theme
Michael Douglas’ disclosure(0.67)The disclosure from Michael Douglas that his throat cancer was caused by HPV
Health information(0.70)Represents information communicated about HPV and oral cancer related to health. The subthemes represent specific health information given about HPV and oral cancer
A. HPV as cause of oral cancer(0.73)
B. Incidence of oral cancer(0.61)
C. Information about HPV(0.62)
 1. Cause of cervical cancer
 2. How common HPV is
 3. Number of different types of HPV
 4. Demographic changes
D. Better prognosis and survival(0.79)
E. Diagnosis and treatment for oral cancer(0.77)
F. Symptoms and screening for oral cancer(0.56)
G. Cited research evidence(0.69)
Riskiness of oral sex(0.77)Represents information communicated about the recognition of oral sex in the cause of oral cancer and how changes in sexual practice are thought to account for this
Vaccination of boys(0.85)Represents the calls for boys to be vaccinated in light of the evidence that HPV does not only cause oral cancer, but other cancers as well
  • HPV, human papillomavirus.