Table 6

Fitness of fit of CVHAQ

1.730.930.910.960.970.04 (0.03 to 0.05)0.07
  • χ2/df<2.0, GFI>0.90, AGFI>0.90, NNFI>0.90, CFI>0.90, RMSEA<0.08, SRMR<0.08.

  • AGFI, Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index; CFI, Comparative Fit Index; CVHAQ, Chinese version of the Hospital Autonomy Questionnaire; df, degree of freedom; GFI, Goodness of Fit Index; NNFI, Non-Normed Fit Index; RMSEA, Root Mean Square Error of Approximation; SRMR, Standardised Root Mean Square Residual; χ2, Minimum Fit Function χ2.