Table 1

Ranking of the most common AMPDS single issue protocols assigned to incidents within YAS and within the Sheffield CCG during 2012/2013

RankAMPDS protocol name (number)SheffieldSheffield (%)YASYAS (%)
1Falls (17)947612.878 49113.0
2Chest pain (non-traumatic) (10)71059.664 78910.7
3Breathing problems (6)54477.349 3518.2
4Sick person (specific diagnosis) (26)56587.641 6756.9
5Unconscious/fainting (near) (31)44636.037 4586.2
6Stroke—CVA21772.920 2773.3
7Convulsions/fitting (12)21212.919 7993.3
8Haemorrhage/lacerations (21)23893.219 0013.1
9Overdose/poisoning (ingestion) (23)22223.018 5263.1
10Abdominal pain / problems (01)18432.515 1062.5
Total (of top 10)42 901364 47360.2
Total (all incidents)74 141605 481
  • This list excludes ‘protocol 35’ and ‘other’ incidents. Protocol 35 incidents and other incidents are handled differently to other emergency calls received by YAS. ‘Protocol 35’ is used for incidents called through by healthcare professionals regardless of the presenting complaint. ‘Other’ incidents are not coded using AMPDS, for example, incidents that were initially triaged to the clinical hub for telephone management and subsequently passed back to the dispatcher to receive an ambulance response.

  • AMPDS, Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System; CCG, clinical commissioning group; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; YAS, Yorkshire Ambulance Service.