Table 2

Determinant descriptor codes for the suspected seizure incidents in May 2012 within the Sheffield CCG, their call category and their associated target response times

Determinant descriptorsDeterminant codeCall categoryResponse timesIncidents (e)Self-terminatedOngoingSubsequent
Not breathing (after key questioning)12-D-01Red 1 (A)Response in 8 min000000
Continuous or multiple fitting12-D-02Red 2 (A)Response in 8 min76 (51)51/59 (86.4%)0803
Agonal/ineffective breathing12-D-03Red 2 (A)Response in 8 min000000
Effective breathing not verified ≥3512-D-04Red 2 (A)Response in 8 min30 (17)20/20 (100%)0000
Focal fit (not alert)12-C-01Red 2 (A)Response in 8 min01 (01)1/1 (100%)0000
Pregnancy12-C-02Red 2 (A)Response in 8 min01 (00)1/1 (100%)0000
Diabetic12-C-03Green 1 (C)Response in 20 min03 (02)2/2 (100%)0000
Effective breathing not verified <3512-B-01Green 1 (C)Response in 20 min15 (10)12/13 (92.3%)0101
Not fitting now and breathing effectively (verified)12-A-01Green 2 (C)Response in 30 min47 (31)35/35 (100%)0002
Green 3 (C)Tel assess within 20 min
Focal fit (alert)12-A-02Green 4 (C)Tel assess within 60 min02 (01)*0000
Impending fit (aura)12-A-03Green 4 (C)Tel assess within 60 min03 (03)*1/1 (100%)0000
  • The data in the incidents column pertain to the whole series of 178 incidents. The data in the subsequent three columns pertain to the 132 incidents that were analysed in detail (after exclusions). Incidents=number of incidents, (e)indicates the number in each category who answer yes to the protocol 12 question ‘is s/he an epileptic or ever had a fit before?’. Tel assess=telephone assessment. Ongoing=seizure ongoing on arrival of the clinicians. Subsequent=seizure had self-terminated on arrival of the clinicians but a subsequent seizure occurred. Telephone assessment for incidents in green 3–4 are dealt with using the PSIAM system which is a computerised set of clinical algorithms used by clinicians in the Clinical Hub. The clinical hub is staffed by healthcare professionals which includes nurses, paramedics and other specialists, these staff have received specialist training from YAS to provide telephone clinical assessment and advice to a selected groups of patients and operational ambulance staff. Telephone response was via NHS Direct.

  • CCG, clinical commissioning group; NHS, National Health Service; PSIAM, Priority Solutions Integrated Access Management; YAS, Yorkshire Ambulance Service.