Table 2

Other clinically relevant outcomes

OutcomeNumber of studiesNumber of patientsRRCIWMDCI
Patients who did not revisit hospital453141.10*(1.03 to 1.17)†
Hospital stay (after readmission)2803−0.57(−5.32 to 4.17)‡
Readmission per patient31370−0.12(−0.24 to 0.01)‡
ED visit per patient24342−0.15(−0.53 to 0.23)‡
Patients with ADE314010.94(0.75 to 1.20)‡
  • *RR is >1 when the intervention increased the number of patients who did not revisit the hospital (ie, it showed success).

  • †p<0.01.

  • ‡p>0.05.

  • ADE, adverse drug event; ED, emergency department; RR, risk ratio; WMD, weighted mean difference.