Table 3

Excerpts from Theme 1, safety net

Implications for patient safety
Excerpt 1“we’ve seen examples of F1s causing real harm to patients… if they were registered from point of graduation and then given, well I guess, more freedom and more responsibility that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing because, you know, even with the responsibilities and the things they're allowed to do now they’re quite capable of causing … harm to patients” (Female HCP, ID82)
Excerpt 2“A year is fine but… if I coin of phrase, ‘it's where the rubber hits the road’, the minute you start to work, and actually I mean yes, we can try and blur those boundaries a little bit by doing a little bit more guided practice or apprenticeship assistantship, but actually that's the point at which you become, you start working, and I think for the protection of the public we probably ought to reserve the right not to approve someone to full practice” (Male CE, ID184) 
Excerpt 3“I do honestly believe that the first year on a ward as an F1 is where they really start to learn something, and learn to deal with things in their own way, with the back-up of somebody there that they can call on if they have to, because their experience doesn't begin to let them cope with that particular situation. I would be very hesitant personally about an F1 doctor- particularly newly qualified- having complete control of what was happening to me” (Male PPR, ID108)
Foundation Year 1 as a safe space for learning
Excerpt 4“I think foundation year one… has been one of my most my biggest learning experience of my life… I think I've learnt more in this year, in these eight months, that I learnt almost at the whole of medical school. Relevant learning, anyway, for clinical practice, I just think that we're not ready for full registration at the end of medical school” (Female F1, ID122)
Excerpt 5“F1, you know, as the juniors would describe it, is just a ‘grilly year’ where you’re firefighting and you’re running from crisis to crisis to crisis … I see the junior year as being important … same as in nursing, your first year, your first couple of posts, you know, you're finding yourself” (Male HCP, ID80)
Excerpt 6“Because if you're under supervision, as you are in your foundation year one, it maybe gives you- perhaps gives you more permission to ask questions and put yourself in the role of somebody who doesn't know everything in your learning, whereas as you say if you're fully registered you might feel you have to know all the answers and the risks…” (Female GVT, ID78)