Table 5

Excerpts from Theme 3, implications for F1 work practice

Excerpt 1“we don't want them to think… “that's it now, stabilisers are off, and off you go” … how is that going to reduce all the risks that we're worried about?” (Female GOV, ID77)
Excerpt 2“whether you start as an F1 doctor provisionally registered or fully registered it does not change the magnitude of the change we talked about earlier, becoming a doctor. So for me it is that environmental context into which they're introduced, whether you are provisionally registered or fully registered [is] irrelevant so long as it's a safe environment in which you can be supported in an appropriate way that is safe for patients, safe for the learner” (Male D_FP, ID90)
Excerpt 3“making sure that we have the right level of doctor on at the right time, yeah, so it's something that we will have to work very closely with the university … it's the responsibilities coming back a year… it seems to be huge, I don't know where to start with it really, but I can see a level of risk and that will only be mitigated by having a different way or rostering a different way of organising rotas … more team based approach” (Female EMP, ID69)