Table 6

Excerpts from Theme 4, financial, structural and political implications

Excerpt 1it’s quite expensive to fully register, and I know that you’re going to go and get a job, but it's like sort of four hundred, five hundred pounds and you've got graduation, and you haven’t got a job yet, and you’re moving house, and you’re trying to pay rent, and you’ve just come out at the end of five years so it’s like another expense you really don’t need…” (Female FRTD, ID11)
Excerpt 2“the concept of provisional registration, the students remain officially under the watchful eye of the medical school until you get full registration … [they are] often working in a place that's far removed from the medical school but when there are difficulties with that trainee they're coming back to the medical school saying “it's your responsibility to- to address these issues” but the student's kind of left” (Male D_FP, ID165)
Excerpt 3“now there are other political things, which is, we [the Foundation Programme] are oversubscribed. If you are fully registered you can work, if you have provisional registration you can only work in an educationally approved post approved by the GMC … and that’s all you can do, so full registration allows people to go abroad … so that’s the tension in the systema driver certainly is the oversubscription … it’s been superseded by other politics and so the GMC are going to have to work through … what is it and de facto that means that the undergraduate course is going to have to change again” (Male D_FP, ID54)