Table 4

Optical coherence tomography analysis at 6-month follow-up

Strut level analysis
 Total analysed struts, n9309
 Number of struts per cross-section, mean±SD7.58±0.87
 Percentage of covered struts98.1 (92.1–100)
 Neointimal thickness (µm), mean±SD0.13±0.06
 Percentage of malapposed struts0.00 (0.00–4.1)
 Percentage presence of both malapposed or uncovered struts2.40 (0.00–10.1)
Cross-section-level analysis
 Total analysed cross-sections, n1227
 Minimum lumen area (mm2), mean±SD4.25±1.83
  Lumen area (mm2), mean±SD5.71±1.90
 Minimum stent area (mm2), mean±SD5.57±1.69
 Stent area (mm2), mean±SD6.96±1.99
 Neointimal area (mm2), mean±SD1.25±0.61
 Mean ISA area (mm2)0.00 (0.00–0.00)
Lesion-level analysis
 Total analysed lesions, n47
 Mean area of ISA >2 mm2, n (%)0
 Thrombus area >300 μm2, n (%)0
 Neointima volume, mm330.6 (19.1–40.7)
 Stent volume (mm3), mean±SD184.2±78.2
 Lumen volume (mm3), mean±SD151.2±69.9
 Percentage of neointima volume obstruction17.6±9.5
 Healing index (no unit)4.8 (1.0–22.9)
  • ISA, incomplete stent apposition.