Table 2

Quotations to illustrate the content of the publication culture themes in PhD students

Research funding You get grants because of friends and luck. Grants are no measure of ability but of who is who, who do you know and how you present it
Authorships Oh, we need to add that professor to the list of authors, because if he is on the list it will be easier to get accepted by such and such journal
Quantity vs quality What they measure now is how much and where you publish, but that says nothing about your qualities as a scientist
Publication pressure If the pressure on the number of publications decreases, the quality of the publications will increase
Scientific integrity (with regard to scientific integrity) It is not very common that the voice of the PhD student supersedes the voice of the person who is hierarchically superior. The boss calls the shots
Publication bias If you find a positive association it is much easier to get published than in case of a negative result
Impact factor When you have an article published, the first question always is, what's the impact factor. And if it is not very high they generally react; oh, but it is a really nice journal
Competition, prestige, self-satisfaction and vanity The loudest voice generally gets the best results
 People often begrudge the other person also having his name on a paper