Table 4

Quotations to illustrate the content of the publication culture themes in full professors

Research funding The willingness to take risks continues to decrease whereas I feel that scientists should be willing to take risks, you see this especially when grants are involved
Authorships If you didn't feel so much pressure to publish you would also think more often that you don't need to have your name on a paper
Quantity vs quality The highest goal of a professor is to deliver as many PhDs as possible, something I disagree with, by the way
Publication pressure Too many publications are premature and slipshod
Scientific integrity I think fraud and the pressure to publish are communicating vessels
Publication bias People want to be absolute, so everything (in papers, red.) is described in such a way that the message is earth shattering and unique; I get so tired of that
Impact factor The scientific system, especially the biomedical disciplines, is totally fixated on impact factors, it's like a religion, when it's actually outdated
Competition, prestige, self-satisfaction and vanity We need to be careful we don't get bogged down in measurements and who is the best
 Publishing becomes such an idée fixe, such an important part of you…because you are published you are suddenly the man and then you may start to think you are a very important person