Table 3

Pharmacy perspective average costs for vaccine administration and purchase

Number of pharmacies incurring costCost per year per pharmacy if cost incurredAverage pharmacy cost per seasonAverage pharmacy cost per dose‡
Recurrent costs
 Procurement time (excluding brand choice)AllNA£8.18£8.18£0.09£0.08
 Reimbursement paperwork timeAllNA£121.87£121.87£1.28£1.23
 Patient timeAllNANANA£8.11£8.11
 Data input timeAllNANANA£2.66£2.66
Investment costs
Admin total (with data above)£12.79£12.72
Admin total (with 1 min data input time)£10.61£10.54
Vaccine purchase list price£7.37£7.37
Total (with reported data)£20.16£20.09
  • *Calculated using a cost of £30,000+ 20% VAT (personal communication NHS LR).

  • †Base case costs include pharmacist salaries inflated by 19% for London costs.10

  • ‡When per season cost is given, per dose cost calculated by dividing per season cost by 95 (2013/2014) or 99 (2014/2015; average number of doses delivered by each pharmacists in each season).

  • NA, not available; VAT, value-added tax.