Table 1

Concepts and keywords

ConceptControlled and natural keywords
Avoidable Incident‘Accidental Injur*’ OR ‘Unintentional injur*’ OR ‘Traumatic Injur*’ OR ‘Traumatic brain injur*’ OR ‘Accidental Trauma*’ OR ‘Unintentional trauma*’ OR ‘Accidental Fall*’ OR ‘Fall injur*’ OR ‘Burn Injur*’ OR ‘Car Accident*’ OR ‘Traffic Accident*’ OR ‘Automobile Accident*’ OR ‘Pedestrian Accident*’ OR Intoxication OR Poisoning OR ‘Heat Stroke*’ OR Frostbite OR ‘Medication Error*’ OR Wander* OR Self-neglect* OR ‘Home Accident*’ OR TI Fall* OR TI Burn* OR TI Scald* OR TI Trauma OR Sprain* OR ‘Accident Prevention’
Medline and CINAHL:
MH ‘Wounds and Injuries+’ OR MH ‘Accidental Falls’ OR MH ‘Burns+’ OR MH ‘Accidents’ OR MH ‘Fires+’ OR MH ‘Accidents, Home’ OR MH ‘Accidents, Traffic’
MH ‘Accident Prevention’
DE Injuries OR DE Burns OR DE ‘Accidents+’ OR DE ‘Fires’
Older adultsSenior* OR Elder* OR ‘Older Adult*’ OR Old* People OR ‘Old Age’ OR ‘Geriatric Patient*’
Medline and CINAHL:
MH ‘Aged+’
Emergency department presentations‘Emergency service*’ OR ‘Emergency Department*’ OR ‘Emergency Hospital Service*’ OR ‘Emergency Unit*’ OR ‘Hospital Service Emergency’ OR ‘Emergency Ward*’ OR ‘Emergency Attendance’ OR Emergency N2 Admission* OR Emergency N2 Admitt* OR Emergency N2 Visit* OR Emergency N2 utilisation OR Emergency N2 Use OR ‘Accident and Emergency’ OR ‘A&E’
MH ‘Emergency Service, Hospital+’
MH ‘Emergency Service+’
DE ‘Emergency Health Services’
Cognitive impairment‘Cognitive decline’ OR ‘Cognitive* Impair*’ OR ‘Cognitive Deficit*’ OR ‘Cognitive Dysfunction*’ OR ‘Cogniti* Disorder*’ OR Dement* OR ‘Alzheimer* disease’
Medline and CINAHL:
MH ‘Dementia+’ OR MH ‘Cognition Disorders+’
DE ‘Cognitive Impairment’ OR DE Dementia