TableĀ 4

Strategies of knowledge transfer and expected outcomes

Target audienceDissemination strategiesExpected outcomes
  • Publication in an scientific journal

  • Savoirs UdeS (Institutional Repository)

  • Website: www.

  • Presentation of the current knowledge on the subject

  • Identification of knowledge needs to be met by the primary researches

  • Determination of the feasibility of a systematic review on the incidence of serious injury by causes (with sub-analysis on the basis of cognitive impairment)

Director of Public Health
  • Collaboration with the Public Health Department stakeholder (MG)

  • Report and recommendations

  • Co-construction of a prevention programme aiming at promoting safe and healthy environments and behaviours to reduce avoidable incidents in seniors, especially those with cognitive impairment, (road security, home safety, nutrition, fall prevention, abuse prevention) in collaboration with community organisations, municipal services (firefighting, police services) and governmental organisations (SAAQ)

  • Information on collaborator's websites

  • Workshops and webinars

  • Publication in a professional journal

  • Optimal healthcare services for older adults living in the community (targeting important risk assessment and management, preventive interventions)

Community Organisations (ex: Alzheimer's society)
  • Collaboration with the Alzheimer's Society

  • Workshop for older adults and their family

  • Better understanding of the behaviour at risk in elders, particularly those with cognitive impairment