Table 3

Schedule and contribution of the team members

StageDatePlanned actionsContribution
1January 2016–February 2016Development of the research question and objectivesxxxxx
Preliminary research and identification of keywordsxxxxx
2Consultation with experts and stakeholders (DPH) to have access to statistics and relevant dataxxxxx
Team meeting (January)xxxxxxx
3March 2016–April 2016Selection of relevant articlesxxx
4–5May 2016–August 2016
  • Charting of data

  • Exposure of work progress and obstacles, solicitation of team member views on adjustments to be made

  • Consultation with knowledge users to contextualise the results from foreign data, and evaluate the relevance of integrating or adapting them to the Canadian health context

Team meeting (June–July)xxxxxxx
6Sept. 2016–October 2016Writing the scientific articlexxxxx
Selection of dissemination strategiesxxxxx
Nov. 2016–Dec. 2016Presentation and dissemination of results (websites, conferences, webinars, articles…)xxxxxxx
Team meeting (December)xxxxxxx