TableĀ 2

The Decision Identification and Classification Taxonomy for Use in Medicine (DICTUM)

Category nameCategory descriptionSubcategory
1Gathering additional informationDecision to obtain information from other source than patient interview, physical examination and patient chartOrdering test, consulting colleague, seeking external information
2Evaluating test resultSimple, normative assessments of clinical findings and testsPositive, negative, ambiguous
3Defining problemComplex, interpretative assessments that define what the problem is and reflect a medically informed conclusionDiagnostic conclusion, evaluation of health state, aetiological inference, prognostic judgement
4Drug relatedDecision to start, refrain from, stop, alter or maintain a drug regimenStart, stop, alter, maintain, refrain
5Therapeutic procedure relatedDecision to intervene on a medical problem, plan, perform or refrain from therapeutic procedures of a medical natureStart, stop, alter, maintain, refrain
6Legal and insurance relatedMedical decision concerning the patient, which is based on or restricted by legal regulations or financial arrangementsSick leave, drug refund, insurance, disability
7Contact relatedDecision regarding admittance or discharge from hospital, scheduling of control and referral to other parts of the healthcare systemAdmit, discharge, follow-up, referral
8Advice and precautionDecision to give the patient advice or precaution, thereby transferring responsibility for action from the provider to the patientAdvice, precaution
9Treatment goalDecision to set defined goal for treatment and thereby being more specific than giving adviceQuantitative, qualitative
10DefermentDecision to actively delay decision or a rejection to decide on a problem presented by a patientTransfer responsibility, wait and see, change subject