Table 2

The segmentation model

Pen PortraitThe segmentEmotional and psychosocial factorsContextual factorsWhat this means to behaviour
Paula and SteveSeeing the issue and overcoming barriersPride, family values. Social norms of making ends meet and saving a littleHousing and tenure, family and social support, ability to access services and technologyAble to take action and address problems/overcome barriers
Michelle and RyanConstantly jugglingAnxiety and reluctance to contact landlord, fear of losing homeHouse needs repairs, shift work and need for child careTry to juggle life and manage everything themselves
ClareJust living day to daySocial norms—behaviour influenced by these around them as they see things such as coping day-to-day as the ‘norm’Household incomeExclusion from services, does not access help
Adam and StephOn the edge of crisisFear, shame, blame and responsibilityHousehold income, housing conditions and tenure, service exclusionSelf-disconnection, no quality time as a family, becoming withdrawn and depressed