Table 4

Outcomes analysis

OutcomeDifference at 12 weeksChange from baselineChange adjusted for ageMultilevel model
Change at 6 weeks, adjusted for ageChange at 12 weeks, adjusted for ageComposite p value
SAQOL mean0.
SAQOL physical0.32−0.10−0.09−0.03−0.080.87
SAQOL communication0.
SAQOL psychological0.
SF-12 physical3.13−0.31−0.370.61−0.070.91
SF-12 mental3.36−1.16−1.77−3.92−2.200.31
  • Values are expressed as mean differences between intervention and control sites. Output from the multilevel model comparing changes (adjusted for age) across collected outcome measures.

  • *High scores on HADS indicate worse morbidity, for all other scales this is reversed.

  • NEADL, Nottingham Extended Activities of Daily Living Scale; HADS-A, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale—Anxiety scores; HADS-D, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale—Depression scores; SAQOL, Stroke and Aphasia Quality of Life scores; SF-12, Short Form 12 questionnaire; SSEQ, Stroke Self-Efficacy Questionnaire.