Table 3

Summary risk ratios of safety outcomes with nesiritide treatment versus control treatment

Adverse eventStudies, nNesiritide group, nControl group, nRisk ratio95% CII2, %
Non-cardiovascular adverse events
 Nausea23472450.820.39 to 1.7354
 Headache47866660.370.27 to 0.5119
 Abdominal pain12732160.290.09 to 0.89NA
 Dialysis284800.310.01 to 7.3473
Cardiovascular adverse events
 Hypotension16602651821.761.62 to 1.9165
 Hypotension asymptomatic10554547541.721.56 to 1.9054
 Hypotension symptomatic13577849151.591.12 to 2.2748
 Ventricular extrasystole24512270.510.25 to 1.010
 Ventricular tachycardia59774600.430.30 to 0.6232
 Sustained ventricular tachycardia48573430.210.09 to 0.4925
 Non-sustained ventricular tachycardia59774600.430.23 to 0.8156
 Cardiac arrest36942600.080.01 to 0.450
 Bradycardia49275014.461.32 to 15.020
 Angina pectoris12732160.790.23 to 2.70NA
  • NA, not applicable.