Table 1

Baseline characteristics of participants by treatment group

Group A
Control for vitamin K
Group B
Control for point location
Group C
Standard of care menstrual disorder centre
Difference between groups
Mean±SDMean±SDMean±SDp Value
Age at start of studyYears22.5±2.220.5±3.220.7±2.90.098
Age at menarcheYears14.3±1.113.7±1.013.3±1.20.075
Shortest cycleDays26.5±2.526.8±3.226.5±2.60.935
Longest cycleDays33.2±4.632.1±3.431.9±4.00.652
Duration of menstrual flowDays5.7±0.95.9±1.05.7±1.00.763
Missed school or workDays1.8±0.41.8±0.41.9±0.50.781
Extra time spent in bedHours5.5±3.17.7±4.97.1±2.00.241
Typical worst pain*NRS† 0–107.88±0.628.20±0.418.00±0.650.953
  • *Typical worst pain is the patient's assessment of what is usual for them to experience during an episode of menstrual pelvic pain.

  • †NRS where 0 equals no pain and 10 equals the worst pain the rater can possibly imagine.

  • NRS, Numeric Rating Scale.