Table 3

Menstrual distress before and after injection treatment and during follow-up cycles

Cox duration*Cox intensity*MMDQ*Daily activity restrictionIncreased hours in bed
Study periodMeanMeanMeanPer centMeanSD
Baseline cycle 1
 Group A (control for vitamin K)1.421.191.2096.306.523.95
 Group B (control for point location)1.401.181.38100.006.674.26
 Group C (standard†)
Treatment cycle 2
 Group A (control for vitamin K)0.84‡0.68‡0.6959.263.601.35
 Group B (control for point location)0.93‡0.68‡0.8274.075.402.80
 Group C (standard†)0.83‡0.69‡0.69§61.544.571.81
Cycle 3
 Group A (control for vitamin K)0.850.66n/a65.384.331.30
 Group B (control for point location)0.930.76n/a62.965.001.85
 Group C (standard†)0.730.57n/a50.005.132.47
Cycle 4
 Group A (control for vitamin K)0.900.65n/a42.317.505.73
 Group B (control for point location)0.820.67n/a55.565.001.61
 Group C (standard†)0.760.64n/a46.155.111.76
Cycle 5
 Group A (control for vitamin K)0.770.52n/a42.317.675.99
 Group B (control for point location)0.780.66n/a55.565.111.76
 Group C (standard†)0.760.57n/a57.693.600.52
Cycle 6
 Group A (control for vitamin K)0.840.66n/a61.548.143.18
 Group B (control for point location)0.930.77n/a66.675.451.81
 Group C (standard†)0.870.63n/a57.694.911.38
Cycle 7
 Group A (control for vitamin K)0.79¶0.60¶n/a57.694.892.03
 Group B (control for point location)0.98¶0.78¶n/a59.265.251.82
 Group C (standard†)0.77¶0.61¶n/a50.005.502.39
  • *Although all three groups experienced reduction in menstrual distress on the Cox and MMDQ scales between baseline and cycle 2 and between baseline and cycle 7, the only significant difference in group means was on the MMDQ scale between baseline and cycle 2.

  • †Standard treatment at the Menstrual Disorders Centre, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Shanghai.

  • ‡Significant difference (p<0.001) between baseline cycle and treatment cycle within group paired comparisons.

  • §Significant difference (p<0.001) between groups A and C and between groups B and C on menstrual distress.

  • ¶Significant difference (p<0.001) between baseline cycle and last follow-up cycle within group paired comparisons.

  • MMDQ, Moos Menstrual Distress Questionnaire; n/a, not applicable.