Table 1

Assumptions and calculations of target prices

API per tablet400 mg150 mg200 mg250 mg
Tablets per month2828112168
API price per kilogram$347–$746$2470$3000$4671
API cost per tablet$0.14–$0.30$0.37$0.60$1.17
Add cost of excipients and formulation$0.18–$0.34$0.38$0.62$1.18
Add cost of tableting$0.22–$0.38$0.42$0.66$1.22
Cost per month$6.22–$10.68$11.90$73.83$205.26
Add cost of bottle, packaging, shipping, duties$6.57–$11.03$12.25$74.18$205.61
Add 50% mark-up$9.85–$16.55$18.37$111.27$308.41
Target price per year$128–$216$240$1450$4020
  • The prices of excipients used for each TKI are given in text, but not shown in table.

  • API, active pharmaceutical ingredient; TKI, tyrosine kinase inhibitor.