Table 1

Baseline characteristics for patients in cohort

Characteristic at diagnosis of COPD in primary careCohort (n=7002)
nPer cent
 Quintile 1 (most deprived)219931.4
 Quintile 2178925.5
 Quintile 3136719.5
 Quintile 499914.3
 Quintile 5 (least deprived)6489.3
COPD severity (% predicted forced expiratory volume)
 Mild (≥80)78111.2
 Moderate (≥50 and <80)320345.7
 Severe (≥30 and <50)151621.7
 Very severe (<30)3575.1
Body mass index (kg/m2)
 Low (≥12 and <20)75410.8
 Normal (≥20 and <25)189427.0
 High (≥25)310644.4
Smoking status
 Current smoker400357.2
 Not current smoker243134.7
 Never smoked2743.9
Asthma comorbidity106115.2
Other respiratory comorbidity5307.6
Non-respiratory comorbidity252436.0
Prior admission with COPD148221.2
Prior intervention for COPD346949.5
  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.