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  • Emergency contraception: where are all the savings?
    Renzo Puccetti

    I congratulate the authors for their cost-effectiveness analysis. Nevertheless, I believe that their work will need at least three clarifications. Compared to LNG the UPA's superiority in efficacy reaches statistical significance only after a process of adjustment of data. Raw data does not indicate statistically significant superiority of UPA for any temporal interval of administration (1). I think the authors should have...

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  • Inconclusive study
    Vicente R Ruiz Garcia

    Dear Editor, We would like to comment several limitations of the work of Gomez-Perreta. The work is merely a re-analysis of the data already published in 2001 (Navarro EA 2001) (http://www.emrpolicy.org/science/research/docs/navarro_ebm_2003.pdf). The data was obtained in a small city in Spain, called La ?ora, located in Murcia with an estimated population of 20.000 people. Both publications have from the same bias. The d...

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    The Editor It is indeed a research which needs to be widely circulated as the biological science and ancient teachings of mindfulness are on the same path of helping /alleviating human sufferings. The Indian ancient book Bhagvad Gita ; the great teaching of Krishna to Arjuna in chapter II verse 60 talks about how the turbulent senses attack the mind and lead it astray . The great wisdom of 'work must be done w...

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  • Structured team self-report of intraoperative error can identify patient safety improvement targets.
    Rachael A Lear

    Morgan and colleagues elegantly propose the glitch methodology as an effective means to identify process deviations that could impact on the quality or speed of surgical procedures (1). We support the authors' suggestion that the analysis of glitch patterns may facilitate the development of interventions to improve patient safety in the operating theatre across a range of domains.

    The development of a common...

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  • Re:Leem Surveys on Attractiveness of France for International Clinical Trials
    Giuseppe Ambrosio

    Dear Dr Silbenair,

    Thank you very much for your interest in our paper, and for the interesting comments. I'd appreciate learning more about the situation of clinical trials in France. Please, email your reply to me at giuseppe.ambrosio@ospedale.perugia.it

    Thank you

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