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  • Blue but true?
    Michael Sharpe

    We read the report of this trial with interest. The topic of the management of comorbid depression in chronic illness is an important one. We acknowledge the considerable effort involved in mounting a trial such as the TrueBlue study. However, we also feel it is important to raise comment on the reported findings, to ensure they are not misinterpreted. Our comments are:

    First, the trial was not of depressive di...

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  • Prevalence and predictors of delirium
    Tania Zieschang

    The point prevalence of delirium in an acute care facility in Ireland was described with 20% for the 280 patients enrolled in the study. Prevalence was the highest on the geriatric ward (8/15 patients, 53%) and in patients >80years of age (24/69 patients, 34.8%) [1]. Delirium prevalence appears to be very high when compared to our own data set (Clinical trial registration: DRKS00004280). In a case-control-study, which...

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  • Data from: Specialty choice in times of economic crisis: a cross-sectional survey of Spanish medical students
    Jeffrey E. Harris

    Data deposited in the Dryad repository: http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.80q86

    Conflict of Interest:

    None declared

  • Cadmium and proteoglycans
    Heikki Savolainen

    Dear Editor,

    This excellent paper?s conclusions concur my earlier findings on the effects of cadmium on the urinary proteoglycan excretion (1). It seems that changes are e.g. related with proteinuria (2) and thus be considered as markers for more generalized vascular effects as predicted in the current investigation.

    1 Savolainen H. Studies on urinary proteoglycan excretion in occupational cadmium exp...

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  • Data available in Dryad
    Peter Doshi
    Data for this article has been deposited in the Dryad digital repository. Please see:

    Doshi P, Jefferson T (2013) Data from: Clinical Study Reports of randomized controlled trials - an exploratory review of previously confidential industry reports. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.331f7 http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.331f7

    Peter Doshi
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  • Understanding public drug procurement in India: a comparative qualitative study of five Indian states
    Amit Pachal

    Pharmaceutical procurement is a specialized professional activity that requires a lot of knowledge, skill and experience. It is therefore mandatory that staff involved in key procurement and distribution positions be well trained and highly motivated, with the capability to manage the procurement process efficiently. Pharmaceutical procurement is a complex process, which involves many steps, agencies and manufacturers. E...

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  • Kidney Failure and Piperacillin - Data and Opinions
    Jens-Ulrik S. Jensen

    Dear Editor, Recently dr. Bugge and dr. Laake posted a letter in which they argue that piperacillin/tazobactam is not nephrotoxic (1). They argue that the delayed creatinine fall (corresponding to a delayed eGFR increase) observed in our trial (2), is due to the competitive inhibition of creatinine (and tazobactam) clearance. We did point this out in our discussion. Dr?s Bugge and Laake have the opinion, that this could...

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  • RE:"National survey of US primary care physicians' perspectives about causes of obesity and solutions to improve care"
    Yvette L. Rooks

    It was with great interest that I read Dr. Sara Bleich's study on primary care physicians' perspectives on treating obesity. Unfortunately, I wasn't shocked by the findings.

    Obesity is an incredibly challenging condition to treat, and when facing a crisis as great as the United States' obesity epidemic, extraordinary steps are called for.

    Primary care physicians need to be aware of the current recomme...

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  • More Data is Needed to Prove the Safety of Metformin
    Fang LIU

    Dear Editor, Metformin is the most widely used hypoglycemic agent in the world. But the application among the diabetic patients who have the chronic kidney disease(CKD) is still controversial. What gave us a pleasant surprise was the observational study written by Ekstrom et al found that there were no increased risks of acidosis/serious infection in patients with renal impairment according to the large numbers of patient...

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  • Mantoux testing may cause positive interferon gamma release assay results
    Michael Eisenhut

    The authors of a publication of a contact investigation described two children they labelled as having latent Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis infection: One 9-year old child had initially a negative interferon gamma release assay (IGRA) result when the initial Mantoux test was found to be positive with 8 mm. Three months later another IGRA was performed and found to be positive. The second patient was found to have a posi...

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