House Concern

Andrew K Ntanda, Psychiatrist,
November 23, 2015

I read with interest the authors' qualitative study assessing potential barriers of doctors assessing mental health facilities. In particular it was striking that 6/8 of the participants interviewed worked in psychiatry, and as the author alluded to in the beginning, were most likely to either treat themselves or trust their own council. I think a way forward for this particular group of patients is for them to consider individual psychotherapy, and in our particular region, there exits House concern within the department of psychotherapy, which deals specifically with doctors who do have mental, behavioural or emotional problems. The service is confidential, and is unique in a sense that it is a novel way of accessing some help. It is run by a consultant psychotherapist(and practicing psychiatrist)who can then signpost the doctors to other services, if they consent for this to happen. As the other points out, a lot more qualitative work about the attitudes and heath seeking behaviour of doctors needs to be done, and this study is a step in the right direction.

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