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Knowledge mobilisation: an exploratory qualitative interview study to confirm and envision modification of lay and practitioner eczema mindlines to improve consultation experiences and self-management in primary care in the UK
  1. Fiona Cowdell
  1. Faculty of Health Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK
  1. Correspondence to Professor Fiona Cowdell; fiona.cowdell{at}


Objectives To investigate whether initial eczema mindlines, ‘collectively reinforced, internalised, tacit guidelines’, are an accurate representation of the experiences of lay people and practitioners in primary care and to explore how these mindlines may best be revised to improve eczema care.

Design Exploratory qualitative interviews with constant comparative analysis and data mining.

Setting UK, primary care.

Participants People with eczema or parents of children with eczema (n=19) and primary care practitioners (n=13).

Results Interview data were analysed using constant comparison of new data with existing initial eczema mindlines to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. Data were mined for participant’s thoughts about whose mindlines should be modified, how this may be achieved and what core content is essential. Eczema mindlines and the spiral of knowledge creation, from which they evolved, intuitively made sense. Participants offered examples of how their eczema knowledge is continually produced and transformed as they interact with others. They reported diverse and wide-ranging influences on their thinking and recognised the critical relationship between lay and practitioner mindlines. For this reason they advocated modifying lay and practitioner mindlines in parallel. Participants advised amendment based on consistent information directed to all who influence eczema care. Information should come from trusted sources and be easy to access, distilled, practical, contextually relevant and amenable to assimilation.

Conclusions The purpose here is to improve primary care consultation experiences and self-management in eczema. The remaining challenge is to find novel, simple and pragmatic methods of modifying eczema mindlines to instil shared and consistent understanding. Given the prevalence of eczema and the scope of people who influence self-care, interventions should transcend patient-practitioner boundaries and address the wider community. One conceptually congruent approach is to create a Ba, which in this case would be a virtual space for generating and sharing eczema knowledge.

  • Ba
  • consultation
  • eczema
  • knowledge mobilisation
  • mindlines
  • primary care
  • self-management
  • qualitative

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  • Contributors FC is the sole contributor to this paper.

  • Funding This article presents independent research funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the NHS, the NIHR or the Department of Health.

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  • Ethics approval The study was approved by a University Ethics Committee. Written consent was taken for interviews and participants consented to publication of anonymised quotes.

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