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Correction: Predictors of physical activity among older adults in Germany: a nationwide cohort study

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Manz K, Mensink GBM, Jordan S, et al. Predictors of physical activity among older adults in Germany: a nationwide cohort study BMJ Open 2018;8:e021940. doi: 10.1136/ bmjopen-2018-021940

This article was previously published with an error in table 2.


The columns with variable categories ‘yes’/‘no’ were swapped. Below is the updated table 2.


Bivariate associations between aerobic PA≥1 day/week and potential predictor variables

Aerobic PA ≥1 day/week
P value*
%95% CI%95% CI
 Women (n=622)48.7(44.7 to 52.7)51.3(47.3 to 55.3)0.158
 Men (n=562)44.7(40.1 to 49.4)55.3(50.6 to 59.9)
Age group
 50–60 years (n=713)38.8(35.1 to 42.8)61.2(57.2 to 64.9)<0.001
 61–78 years (n=471)58.8(54.1 to 63.4)41.2(36.6 to 45.9)
Socioeconomic status
 Low (n=151)70.2(62.0 to 77.3)29.8(22.7 to 38.0)<0.001
 Middle (n=712)47.9(43.8 to 52.0)52.1(48.0 to 56.2)
 High (n=307)31.9(27.0 to 37.3)68.1(62.7 to 73.0)
Chronic disease
 No (n=869)44.1(40.5 to 47.7)55.9(52.3 to 59.5)0.006
 Yes (n=312)53.8(47.6 to 60.0)46.2(40.0 to 52.4)
 Yes (n=297)53.5(47.4 to 59.5)46.5(40.5 to 52.6)0.005
 No (n=884)44.6(41.2 to 48.0)55.4(52.0 to 58.8)
2Living with a spouse
 No (n=216)57.4(51.1 to 63.4)42.6(36.6 to 48.9)<0.001
 Yes (n=952)44.1(40.5 to 47.8)55.9(52.2 to 59.5)
Social support
 Low (n=100)65.0(55.4 to 73.5)35.0(26.5 to 44.6)<0.001
 High (n=1063)44.9(41.6 to 48.2)55.1(51.8 to 58.4)
Leisure time physical activity
 Every week (n=784)38.6(34.8 to 42.6)61.4(57.4 to 65.2)<0.001
 Not every week (n=374)62.8(57.6 to 67.8)37.2(32.2 to 42.4)
3At least one health programme
 Yes (n=124)34.7(26.7 to 43.6)65.3(56.4 to 73.3)0.005
 No (n=1060)48.2(44.8 to 51.7)51.8(48.3 to 55.2)
Smoking status
 Smoker (n=188)49.5(41.7 to 57.3)50.5(42.7 to 58.3)0.406
 Non-smoker (n=985)46.0(42.5 to 49.5)54.0(50.5 to 57.5)
4Residential area size
 Rural (n=249)48.6(42.1 to 55.1)51.4(44.9 to 57.9)0.873
 Small-sized city (n=247)48.2(39.4 to 57.1)51.8(42.9 to 60.6)
 Medium-sized city (n=318)45.9(39.6 to 52.4)54.1(47.6 to 60.4)
 Metropolitan city (n=370)45.4(40.5 to 50.4)54.6(49.6 to 59.5)
Satisfaction with residential area0.711
 Not satisfied (n=308)47.1(42.0 to 52.2)52.9(47.8 to 58.0)
 Satisfied (n=855)46.0(42.2 to 49.7)54.0(50.3 to 57.8)
  • 1: Individual factors; 2: Interpersonal factors; 3: Behavioural factors; 4: Environmental factors.

  • *Pearson’s chi-squared test with Rao-Scott correction.

  • PA, physical activity.

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