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Correction: Contextual and individual inequalities of multimorbidity in Brazilian adults: a cross-sectional national-based study

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Nunes BP, Chiavegatto Filho ADP, Pati S, et al. Contextual and individual inequalities of multimorbidity in Brazilian adults: a cross-sectional national-based study. BMJ Open 2017;7:e015885. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-015885.

This article was previously published with some errors.


In table 1 and supplementary table 1, the percentages of the descriptive analyses, no full postestimation of complex sampling are performed resulting in minor discrepancies on decimal places. Absolute numbers are not affected. The issue didn’t affect the main results or the conclusions of the paper. The corrected numbers are displayed below.

Table 1 Description of the sample and multimorbidity frequency. Brazil, 2013

Variables% originally published% corrected
Age (in years)
 18 to 2924.326.1
 30 to 3921.021.6
 40 to 4918.818.1
 50 to 5916.816.2
 60 to 6910.810.2
 70 to 795.75.4
 80 or more2.62.5
Skin color*
Marital status
 Without partner38.438.8
 With partner61.661.2
 Schooling (in years)
Wealth index (in quintiles)
 1º (High)22.322.2
 5º (Low)14.714.9
Private health plan
 Geographical area
State-level education
State-level income

Supplementary table 1 Individual prevalence, duration and number of comorbidities for each morbidity evaluated. Brazil, 2013

MorbiditiesIndividual prevalence originally publishedIndividual prevalence corrected
%(95% CI)%(95% CI)
High Blood Pressure22.321.7 to 23.021.420.9 to 22.0
Spinal column problem19.018.3 to 19.718.417.7 to 19.1
Hypercholesterolemia8.48.0 to to 8.4
Arthritis/rheumatism6.76.4 to to 6.8
Diabetes6.56.2 to to 6.6
Asthma/wheezy bronchitis4.44.1 to to 4.7
Depression4.23.9 to to 4.4
Worktorelated muscle-skeletal disorders2.52.2 to to 2.7
Cancer1.91.7 to to 2.0
Another heart disease1.91.6 to to 2.1
Stroke1.61.4 to to 1.7
Kidney problem1.51.3 to to 1.6
Heart attack1.31.2 to to 1.4
Heart failure1.21.1 to to 1.3
Bronchitis1.00.8 to to 1.1
Angina0.80.7 to to 0.9
Emphysema0.50.4 to to 0.5
Another lung disease0.50.4 to to 0.6
Bipolar disorder0.40.3 to to 0.5
Another mental disease0.30.2 to to 0.4
Schizophrenia0.20.2 to to 0.3
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)0.20.1 to to 0.2

In reference 17, the last names of the authors were abbreviated. They should read as follows:

Souza-Junior PRB, Freitas MPS, Antonaci GA, et al. Sampling design for the National Health Survey, 2013. Epidemiologia e Serviços de Saúde 2015;24:207–16.

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