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  1. Zareivenovel Mojgan1,
  2. khosravi Abdlorasoul2
  1. 1Medical Library & Information Sciencse, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Student Research Committee, Bushehr, Iran
  2. 2Assistance Professor, Medical Library & Information Sciencse, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran.


Background and aims: The rapid growth and specialization in Medical Sciences increase the volume of information and therefore make physician problems and difficulty to access reliable information. Physicians can`t decide only according to self-knowledge, and should refer to the new texts and references. Clinical librarian role as a key chain in evidence-based medicine can`t be ignored. Clinical librarian at the hospital library works as a specialist and come to help physicians to carry out evidence-based medicine process in the shortest time and with the least effort. The aim of this study was clarify status and importance of the clinical librarian in the process of evidence-based medicine.

Methods: This was a systematic study. Electronic databases such as clinical key, Medline, Embase, Cochrane, Conference proceedings & abstract books, Hand searching, raw data from published trials and thesis were analyzed by keywords: medical librarian, clinical librarianship and informationist. The period which gather information was from 2000–2015 and 112 articles selected, finally 65 were chosen to considered according to inclusion criteria includes the role of medical librarian and article in English and Persian.

Results: Clinical librarian Provide filtered information to clinician at the point of need to promote evidence-based health care. Moreover, overcome the time, cost and expertise barriers that clinicians face when they attempt to incorporate the best current evidence from the literature into their patient care decisions, enhance the educational experience of students and resident physicians in training. The position is helping physicians to make decisions based on evidence and access to reliable information is not well understood in our country. Evidence-Based Medicine and librarian in the modern era needs the help their.

Conclusion: In the health sector, especially in hospital library, clinical librarian position in evidence-based practice is not well established and many studies must be done in this area in the future. Dissertation thesis will be done and Policies should be considered in this area. Clinical librarian in hospital libraries can be used as a key element in the process of evidence-based medicine.

  • Clinical Librarian
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Hospital Libraries
  • Medical librarianship

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