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  1. Abdolhassan Kazemi
  1. PhD, Fellowship of Bio-Medical Ethics, Professor, Tropical & Infectious Research Center. Tabriz Uni. of Med. Sci., Tabriz, Iran


Background and aims: Current modern Medicine has below characters.

–  Life medicalization

– Over life medicalization and consequently over-diagnosis, over-testing, over-treatment

–  Market Based Medicine

–  Disease Mongering

–  Wishful filling Medicine

Due to above characters some of famous scientists, researchers and clinicians have been postulated remarkable deviance about validity of current research in life sciences and medical sciences. These famous scientists and researchers have emphasis about research wastes under shadow of medical Empire; Market based Medicine, Diseases Mongering.

Methods: According the idea and of course evidences of this group of scientists and researchers, drug and Medical devices companies activities for has been leads to wishful filling Medicine.

Results: Based on mentioned frame and structure for current modern Medicine, all and whole aspects of medicine, compulsory, obligatory and automatically are under obey of medical Empire including drug and medical devices company, private hospitals, medical insurances, physician benefits and so on. Consequently the nature of global health system and Medicine and albeit evidences about these health system and Medicine is not in the frame of patient benefits and values.

Conclusion: Patients and societies in this frame of Medicine, has not human dignity because they are not patient. They are customers, and their trafficking and money for health system is more important than their health and values.

  • EBM
  • Evidence values
  • Research waste
  • Disease mongering

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