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  1. Behzad Bahramzadeh
  1. Bchelor of laboratory sciences, Alzahra hospital, Research Committee, Tabriz university of medical sciences, Iran


Background and aims: Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin or NGAL is biomarker protein by weight of 25 kDa that a bacteriostatic agent in the physiological state of the body against Gram-negative bacteria by binding tightly to protect siderophore. The identification of these biomarkers as one of the key regulators of the immune system can be used as a biomarker for the diagnosis and treatment of infection.

Methods: The most recent findings of recent years and the relevant articles in prestigious scientific sites and the results were obtained.

Results: NGAL,an early sign of acute kidney injury in newborns, especially before changes in creatinine and urea testing occurs. Increased NGAL levels in 2–6 hours of the onset of kidney damage have been observed. NGAL with a mechanism of non-receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor of Focal Adhesion Kinase serves as a key metastatic cancer cells. As well as when E-Cadherin externally expressed could be NGAL of expression is increased. E-cadherin cell adhesion molecule that causes the calcium-dependent. Protein expression and stimulates epithelial cells, the cells adhere to each other and prevent metastasis.

Conclusions: NGAL as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in mature granulocytes in the bone marrow for a short period, but it stimulates the synthesis of the inflammatory process and malignant epithelial cells occurs. This marker against neutrophil oxidative acts as an inhibitor. Studies show that NGAL in wound healing by increasing the synthesis of cartilage by chondrocytes involved.

  • NGAL
  • Lipocalin
  • Acute kidney injury
  • E-cadherin
  • Tyrosine kinase.

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