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  1. Shadi Hajizamani1,
  2. Reza Sadeghimehr2,
  3. Saeid Aghajanian2,
  4. Mahbobeh Amozagar2,
  5. Ahmad Kalateh Sadati3
  1. 1Student research commetee,shiraz, Iran
  2. 2Shiraz university of medical sciences, shiraz,Iran
  3. 3Department of Sociology, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.


Background and aims: This study aimed to compare MRI utilization in governmental hospital 6months before and after Iranian health care reform in equal 6 months for 92&93.

Methods: This is cross sectional study and data gathered from R&D department of Shiraz University of medical sciences and for data analysis used excell2007 and calculated utilization index

Results: The total number of MRI scans in 92 was (31613) and in93 (35175). Average of inpatient admissions in 92 was (653) and for 93 (763) while the average utilization in 92 for outpatient was (4615) and this average for 93 is (4600) and utilization Index for inpatient is (1/16) and also for outpatient is (0/98).

Conclusion: results indicate increase for inpatient utilization after reform .it seems that inpatient health coverage by government increase the possibility of induced demand by service provider after Iranian health care reform are important reasons for this changes in utilization index. It's important to monitoring all aspects by applying appropriate rules and prevents waste of resources and expanding justice for utilization of services.

  • MRI
  • Utilization
  • Health care reform

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