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  1. Maryam Heidari1,
  2. Khadijeh Moradbeygi2,
  3. Neda Akbari Nassaji1,
  4. Saeedeh Elhami1
  1. 1Educator of medical surgical nursing, Abadan school of Medical Sciences, Abadan, Iran
  2. 2Educator of pediatrics nursing, Abadan school of Medical Sciences, Abadan, Iran.


Background and aims: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive process that leading to major clinical problems in patients. There is no highly effective treatment for these patients and therapists only try to relieve the symptoms. But, there are interventions such as self-management program for improvement of health level in patients. 5A model, known as behavior change counseling model is an evidence-based approach for behavior change and self-management. Thus this study was performed to investigate the effects of self-management program based on 5A model on some of clinical parameters in COPD patients.

Methods: this clinical trial was performed on 50 COPD patients that referred to Apadana sub-special clinic in Ahvaz. Patients were randomly assigned to control and intervention groups. The control group received usual care and the intervention group received usual care plus a self-management program based on the 5A model (includes: Assess Advise, Agree, Assist and Arrange stage). Patients were assessed by six-minute walking test and the Borg scale for exercise tolerance level and dyspnea severity at baseline and after 3 months. Chi-square and t-test in the SPSS software were used to data analysis.

Results: There was no significant difference between the groups in exercise tolerance at base line; but, they were significantly different at the end of 3 months (P=0.007). In addition, a significant reduction was found in patients' dyspnea in the intervention group, compared with the control group after 3 months (P<0.0001).

Conclusion: with attention to effectiveness of self-management program based on 5A model on increase of exercise tolerance and decrease of dyspnea in COPD patients, use of this program is recommended as benefit method for decline major difficult of disease without spend cost for frequent refer to medical center.

  • Self-care
  • Exercise tolerance
  • Dyspnea
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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