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  1. Vahideh Zarea Gavgani1,
  2. Hasan Siamian2
  1. 1Associate Professor of Medical Library & Information Science, Iranian Center of Excellence in Health Management; Department of Medical Library & Information Science, Faculty of Management and Medical Informatics, University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz-Iran
  2. 2Assistant professor, Department of Medical Records and Health Information Technology, School of Allied of Medical Sciences, Mazanadaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran.


Background and aims: The aim of this study was to find out the educational Model of Evidence Based Library and information Practice in the world. It will answer to the following questions: What are the reputed field names for EBL in other countries? In which levels (course or lesson) it is teaching, currently? Which universities are admitting for EBL? In which degrees EBL is supported? What is the prospect for Iranian Ministry of Health to establish this field of study?

Methods: The study used citation and library method to find and describe the situation and quality of faculties offering the EBL as course or lesson. Reputed citation databases were searched for evidence and the Google search engine was employed to find and review the websites of universities which are delivering EBL.

Results: The finding of this study shows that since the emergence of evidence based librarianship in the literature it has witnessed plenty names and currently is known as Evidence Based Library and Information Practice in the literature. It is offered by United States; Canadian and UK based universities in both the course and lesson level of education. It is almost offered in post graduate, post master and post-doctoral model. It has potential to be delivered as essential post master course for every discipline with research base.

Conclusion: This study suggests a master of evidence based information management for Iran with Ministry of Health and Medical Education license. The best model for Iran would be interdisciplinary model of education by Medical Library and Information Science Department and Iranian Center of Evidence Based Medicine joint execution.

  • Evidence based librarianship
  • Academic education

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