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  1. Mojgan zareivenovel1,
  2. Abdolrasoul khosravi2
  1. 1Medical Library & Information Sciencse, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Student Research Committee, Bushehr, Iran
  2. 2Assistante professor, Department of Medical Library and Information Science, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran.


Background and aims: Effective information search and access to the right information at the right time, has become one of the ideals medical purposes for physicians. If for any reason physicians do not get an immediate response and appropriate to their clinical questions, a big problem and serious fault in various processes including diagnosis and treatment in health care happen. Medical librarian or Information professionals are expert in the acquisition, integration, and implementation of updated and reliable information and can help to solve this problem. Thus, the present study investigates a fundamental solution in this context to solve the problem by using and enjoyment of the medical librarian in teaching expertise.

Methods: This was a descriptive study. Training how to do effective search to access information in the frame of workshop to fourth-year medical students in the Persian Gulf hospitals set a timetable (one month), 8 sessions and per section took an hour and a half meeting held. In order to assess the training, the students were taken pre-test and post-test. The sample size of 57which included the entering medical students of 2013 who had recently entered to clinical stage of treatment. Students randomly assigned to the Intervention group included 29 and control group 28. Information gathered through the Self-administered questionnaire and its validity and reliability have been highlighted by 10 professors of library and information field. Data analysis was performed using statistical software SPSS16.

Results: The results were determined by using chi-square test shown the student satisfaction after attending a workshop and 90 percent of the physician evaluated medical librarians useful to provide updated information on evidence-based medicine.

Conclusion: Training students who have recently entered to the clinical stage, for doing effective search on evidence-based medical information in order to meet the needs of the medical community and reduce medical errors that occur in clinical practice, is necessary.

  • Effective Search; Medical Librarian
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Teaching in the Clinic

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