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  1. Mohammadhiwa Abdekhoda1,2,
  2. Narges Salehi3,
  3. Afsaneh Dehnad4
  1. 1Assistance professor of health information management, department of medical library and information science. School of health management and medical informatics. Tabriz University of medical sciences. Tabriz, Iran
  2. 2Iranian Center of Excellence in Health Management (IceHM).School of Management and Medical Informatics. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
  3. 3B.Sc. in Public Law. Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj, Sanandaj, Iran
  4. 4PhD, assistant professor in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. School of Health Management and Information Sciences. Iran University of Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran.


Background and aims: Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is an important issue requiring skills in locating, evaluating and applying the best evidence in a clinical setting. This study evaluated the effect of training intervention on students' skills in EBM literature Search.

Methods: This was a cross sectional study in which 90 post graduate students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences were selected randomly. Participants take part in 12 Sessions, in which EBM literature search skills were presented by highly qualified Teachers (HQT). Pre- and post-questionnaires and skills tests were developed to measure student' skills concerning EBM literature search. Data were then analyzed by SPSS using T-Test.

Results: Statistically, significant improvement in students' ability in designing search strategies and formulating a clinical question based on PICO were found. Also, students' familiarity with EBM resources and databases significantly improved. The data showed a statistically significant increase in students' competency score concerning finding the best clinical evidence and critical appraisal of articles, after intervention versus took place.

Conclusion: The findings of this study suggest that intervention is an effective method for developing search skills when finding and applying EBM literature is considered. This should be considered in curriculums by educational managers and policy makers.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Literature Search
  • training intervention
  • Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

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