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Prevalence of overweight and obesity and some associated factors among adult residents of northeast China: a cross-sectional study
  1. Rui Wang,
  2. Peng Zhang,
  3. Chunshi Gao,
  4. Zhijun Li,
  5. Xin Lv,
  6. Yuanyuan Song,
  7. Yaqin Yu,
  8. Bo Li
  1. Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Jilin University School of Public Health, Changchun, Jilin, China
  1. Correspondence to Professor Bo Li; li_bo{at}


Objectives This study aims to estimate the prevalence of overweight and obesity and determine potential influencing factors among adults in northeast China.

Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted in Jilin Province, northeast China, in 2012. A total of 9873 men and 10 966 women aged 18–79 years from the general population were included using a multistage stratified random cluster sampling design. Data were obtained from face-to-face interview and physical examination. After being weighted according to a complex sampling scheme, the sample was used to estimate the prevalence of overweight (body mass index (BMI) 24–27.9 kg/m2) and obesity (BMI >28 kg/m2) in Jilin Province, and analyse influencing factors through corresponding statistical methods based on complex sampling design behaviours.

Results The overall prevalence of overweight was 32.3% (male 34.3%; female 30.2%), and the prevalence of obesity was 14.6% (male 16.3%; female 12.8%) in Jilin Province. The prevalence of both overweight and obesity were higher in men than women (p<0.001). Influencing factors included sex, age, marriage status, occupation, smoking, drinking, diet and hours of sleep (p<0.05).

Conclusions This study estimated that the prevalence of overweight and obesity among adult residents of Jilin Province, northeast China, were high. The results of this study will be submitted to the Health Department of Jilin Province and other relevant departments as a reference, which should inform policy makers in developing education and publicity to prevent and control the occurrence of overweight and obesity.

  • overweight
  • obesity
  • influencing factors
  • northeast China

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