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Nazar H, Nazar Z, Simpson J, et al. Summative service and stakeholder evaluation of an NHS-funded community Pharmacy Emergency Repeat Medication Supply Service (PERMSS). BMJ Open 2016;6:e009736.

The calculation in the cost comparison paragraph on pages 5–6 is incorrect and should be:

Of the 1511 self-presenting patients who provided feedback, 695 stated that they would have accessed an alternative OOH service had the PERMSS not been available. Each patient received an average of 1.58 medications, and therefore the average PERMSS cost was £11.16. For the 695 patients, the cost in reimbursement to the community pharmacist for the consultation was estimated to be £7,756.20. The projected annual cost of PERMSS would be £23,268.60. The estimated cost of the alternative service access is shown in table 4.

During the evaluation period, if alternative OOH services had been accessed in place of PERMSS, this could have been associated with an estimated cost of £41 025, 5 times the cost for supplies made via PERMSS.

As a consequence of this error the results section of the abstract should also be changed to reflect this as follows:

The cost of National Health Service (NHS) service(s) for patients who would have accessed an alternative OOH service was estimated as 5 times that of the community pharmacy service provided.

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