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Grainger R, Pearson M, Dixon P, et al. Referral patterns after a seizure admission in an English region: an opportunity for effective intervention? An observational study of routine hospital data. BMJ Open 2016;6:e010100.

In the abstract the third sentence of the results section states:

“Subsequent attendance at a specialist clinic is more likely if already known to a clinic, if aged <35 years, if female, or required a longer spell in hospital.”

The word longer should have been shorter. The regression is correct in the main body of text and table.

In addition, tables 2 and 3 include different legends and footnotes (correctly) but contain identical data. The data from table 2 appears twice. The correct data for table 3 is given below.

Table 3

Comparison of patients according to whether or not they were offered a clinic appointment within 3 months (whole cohort – rather than inter-hospital differences)

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