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Lee Y-H, Chen CC-C, Lee S-K, et al. Patient safety during radiological examinations: a nationwide survey of residency training hospitals in Taiwan. BMJ Open 2016;6:e010756. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-010756

In the Abstract, the text “medical centres had lower monthly rates of suboptimal (but interpretable) radiographs (0.00±0.01% vs. 0.64±1.84%)” should read “medical centres had an overall insignificantly lower monthly rate of suboptimal (but interpretable) radiographs than local institutions (0.40±4.10% vs. 2.00±5.23%)”.

In Supplemental Table S6 and the Results section. In (Midexamination phase evaluation) the paragraph entitled “Assessment of image quality” in the Results, the first sentence, “Rejected films and suboptimal radiographs were ….. in >60% of medical centres and local institutions,” should have read “Rejected films and suboptimal radiographs were ….. in <50% of medical centres and local institutions”. The second sentence should say: “The frequency of suboptimal radiographs was not significantly different between medical centres and local institutions (0.40±4.10% vs. 2.00±5.23% per month, p=0.549), while the variation in retake rate was significantly smaller in medical centres (3.00±1.00% vs. 2.00±16.37% per month, p=0.028)”. Finally, in the Image quality assurance: needed for improving workforce skills of the Discussion section, the first sentence, “Image retake rates at medical centres and local institutions ….. at both centres was incorrect patient positioning,” should read “Even though image retake rates at medical centers and local institutions were significantly different, in both cases the image rejections were mainly attributed to incorrect patient positioning”.

Here are the corrected numbers for the upper part of Supplementary Table 6:

Table 6
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