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  1. Jakir Hossain Bhuiyan Masud
  1. Lecturer, Department of Health Informatics, Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Developing countries are facing difficulties for better healthcare system in order to reach out to remote and rural parts of the country. Health care system is one of the major issues for developing countries and thus the information technology is becoming progressively more important now a days. Capacity building is one of the important issues for development of health care IT.

Objectives My aim was to accomplish health informatics teaching practices in public health institute.

Methods This was a cross sectional study. This study was conducted from March to June 2012. We contacted staff at Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) via e-mail and asked semi-structured questions about informatics content in the curriculum, teaching methodologies, barriers to implement health technology as well as teaching on that issue.

Result Among the total 30 respondents mostly 63.3 % who were in the age below 35 years (mean 35.70±7.34 years).Among the 50% respondents were suggested for updated curriculum in health informatics, 70% respondents mentioned lack of significant health informatics staff is the main barrier and 60% respondents need to give emphasize to build up faculty by extensive training and higher education.

Conclusion Efforts to introduce health informatics initiatives should take into account the lack of understanding of the discipline of health informatics by educators and the closely packed nature of postgraduate curricula.


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