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  1. Jed Patrick Montero Catalan
  1. Doctor of Science in Nursing, Cebu Normal University,Cebu City, Philippines; PCHRD – DOST, Zamboanga Consortia for Health Research and Development, Zamboanga City, Philippines


Background Caring practice has greater impact to patient's health, recovery and wellness. As older homosexuals grow in number, it represents an emerging challenge for care providers to fit well practices towards their caring needs. Realism of health is at reach to all regardless of age, culture and even gender identity, when needs are met.

Objectives This study aims to evaluate whether the care strategies provided by nurses are parallel on the wide care needs especially among elderly gays and lesbians.

Methods To accurately understand this not clearly evident contextual phenomenon, an exploratory case study was utilized. Using a passive snowballing technique, 4 groups of respondents between nurses and patients was interviewed. Integrating a multi -level of analysis, data were first examined case by case; cross analyzed and then triangulated using retrieved documents and literatures, which resulted to 6 themes.

Result Attitudes, Background Knowledge, Caring Roles, Caring Delivered, Caring Gaps, and Culture Rivalry Effects were identified themes.

Conclusion This study confirms that there is unmet or mismatched on care delivery, as care outcome is influenced by how nurses formulate care strategies based on personal attitudes towards elderly gays and lesbians.


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