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Angel G, Horner PJ, O'Brien N, et al. An observational study to evaluate three pilot programmes of retesting chlamydia-positive individuals within 6 months in the South West of England. BMJ Open 2015;5:e007455.

The competing interests statement was inadvertently omitted from this paper. The full competing interests section is:

Competing interests KMET and PJH were members of the NCSP working group on retesting (meeting December 2012). KT reports non-financial support from Hologic, personal fees from Aquarius Population Health outside the submitted work; Dr. Horner reports personal fees from Aquarius Population Health, grants, personal fees and non-financial support from Cepheid, personal fees from Crown Prosecution Service, personal fees from British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, grants from Mast Group Ltd, grants and personal fees from Hologic, outside the submitted work; In addition, Dr. Horner has a patent A sialidase spot test to diagnose bacterial vaginosis issued to University of Bristol. All other authors report no conflict of interest.

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