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Elliott M, Harrington J, Moore K, et al. A protocol for an exploratory phase I mixed-methods study of enhanced integrated care for care home residents with advanced dementia: the Compassion Intervention. ​BMJ Open 2014;4:e005661. The Acknowledgements section of this paper should be:

Acknowledgements We are grateful for the significant scientific input of Michael King, Stephen Morris, Irwin Nazareth, and Rumana Omar from University College London and Gerard Leavey from the University of Ulster.  All were co-applicants on the funding proposal for the Compassion Programme and have continued to provide expert advice throughout the programme.  In particular they have all provided expertise in the development and evaluation of complex healthcare interventions.  Specific contributions have been made to the conduct of the following elements: quantitative studies (MK and IN), health economics (SM), statistics (RO) and qualitative studies (GL).​

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