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Martensson S, Gyrd-Hansen D, Prescott E, et al. Trends in time to invasive examination and treatment from 2001 to 2009 in patients admitted first time with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction or unstable angina in Denmark. BMJ Open 2014;4:e004052.

In this paper, the variables ‘left main coronary artery involvement (LMCA)’ and ‘number of occluded vessels’ were not coded properly, so for patients where it was registered that they had LMCA involvement did not automatically have the maximum of three occluded vessels registered. When correcting this the number of cases included in the final ‘Fine Gray’ analysis, where these variables were used, increased from 7.076 to 7.106 for NSTEMI (Appendix 4, tables 4.1.b PCI, 4.1.c CABG, 4.2.b PCI, 4.2.c CABG) and from 2.556 to 2.572 for unstable angina (Appendix 5, tables 5.1.b PCI, 5.1.c CABG, 5.2.b PCI, 5.2.c CABG). After this correction the effect of LMCA involvement on likelihood of PCI and CABG within 3/7 days and within 60 days for both NSTEMI and unstable angina cases became smaller. The other estimates remained almost the same and this correction did not change the conclusions made in the article. The results can be seen in the corrected versions of appendix 4 and 5 available online.

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